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Analog Camera Module

An analog camera module is a device that captures and records video footage in analog format. It consists of a lens, image sensor, and other components that work together to capture and transmit images.


AHD Camera Module

AHD stands for Analog High Definition. It is an analog closed-circuit television video surveillance standard of high definition 720P video which allows the camera to send an HD signal over a standard coax or RCA cable. AHD cameras have several advantages such as high resolution, long-range transmission distance, no video latency and more.


Digital Camera Module

A digital camera module is a camera that records images using digital signals. It has high resolution, large storage capacity, easy sharing of photos and no film required.


USB Camera Module

A USB camera module is a general-purpose camera control board designed for both PCs and embedded systems like the ARM, Raspberry Pi, Odroid, and similar hardware. It supports almost all parallel interface image sensors and many MIPI camera sensors, including both global and rolling shutter sensors.


TFT LCD Display

A TFT display stands for thin-film-transistor, which is a variant of liquid crystal display (LCD). TFTs are categorized as active matrix LCDs, which means that they can simultaneously retain certain pixels on a screen while also addressing other pixels using minimal amounts of energy.

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