30 Pin Smart Lock Camera Module with LED light QP720CP


  • MIPI, YUV422 Video output
  • PAL system, NTSC system
  • Automatic white balance, central point correction.
  • Support color to black and white

Min Order: 2 pcs

Port: Shenzhen, China

Production Capacity: 80000 PCS Per Month

Payment Terms:T/T


Adopts a high-performance 1/3-inch megapixel wide dynamic image sensor, integrated full digital signal processing technology, to achieve 120dB wide dynamic effect, and truly realize the outdoor scene dark, not dark, bright, not high overexposed image width Dynamic effect, the image definition can reach a horizontal resolution of more than 1000 lines; the signal-to-noise ratio (S/N) can also reach 45dB, the image color is real and the scene is delicate. It adopts CCIR601 data format output, with color, sharp degree, γ correction, automatic exposure, automatic white balance, adaptive backlight compensation and other functions, which is very suitable for application in building video door phone/intercom products.

  • Video output:MIPI, YUV422
  • Dimension:58*32mm/32*32 option
  • Lens option:3.6mm/3.2mm option


  • Time attendance
  • Access control device
  • Household goods (Office/ Villa/ Hotel/Apartment video doorbell, video telephone)
  • Office electronic equipment
  • Monitoring equipment (vehicle monitor, portable video collection, remote monitoring)

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